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Peace Lies Within

Today's article is dedicated to Dr. Yorgos Kanatas, to whom I am grateful for his insightful guidance.

Dear Labbers,

‘Peace lies within’...How many times might you have heard this saying? How many times might you have experienced bliss, even temporarily?

When daily life occurs, what happens to that inner peace then? Does it share its wisdom in the execution of daily tasks? Or do you separate this state of being from the daily activities of life?

Perhaps you attempted to perfect the organisation of your time and days, only to become a 'slave' to your to-do list or grow tired of it. I've been there myself!

In my experience, despite consciously choosing a life aligned with my essence, talents, and ethos, I often found myself feeling exhausted practicing the very things I love! How can this be? Another paradox has been to observe my on going longing for a ‘holiday’ despite the nurturing landscapes of my Cretan home. How can this be?

As previously discussed here, we embody two brains: intellectual intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), and these guys are not always in sync.

I discovered that although my mind manifested my chosen reality, I was emotionally reliving qualities of my past. I discovered that my exhaustion was in fact emotional, and it was linked to behavioural patterns rooted into past roles and childhood archetypes. And these roles and inner dynamics have been poisoning the choices I made on a daily basis, despite the considerable work and effort invested in reaching those decisions, and despite my daily practice and efforts to be in peace.

As soon as I understood my emotional immaturity, I was then able to start a journey to align my EQ with my IQ. Oh boy, this has been a journey of relief! A relief rooted in emotional rest. The holiday that I have been longing for was a rest from the exhausting inner dynamics that were running inside me moment to moment in all aspects of life.

While on this journey, I naturally felt ready to make plans for my daily life with a focus on inner balance and evolution, and personal taste, letting go of all past archetypes. I found myself in a space where one can truly be themselves, all the time, free from the need to embody different personas in different occasions, which only contributes to emotional fatigue.

There is life while in trauma, and then there is life after trauma.

In life after trauma, you get to be you, the conscious you. All the time. You get to experience your own flow, to have space within yourself and for yourself, and to contemplate and deal with life through the free version of yourself.

Mountain views and meditative states offer temporary relief, but true bliss comes from the achievement of inner freedom.

As always, I only impart knowledge that is grounded in experience and ownership. Therefore, this letter is not based on speculation.

My invitation this week comes with a question: Remaining within the familiar is addictively easy and creates the illusion of comfort. Will YOU seek the pathway to understanding that "Peace Lies Within"? Will you choose to be the conscious you, or will you choose not to be you. That is the question!

My warmest wishes.

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