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For our short courses, we ask everyone to prepare and learn a piece of text. This preparation is crucial as it enables you to explore how text can be embodied and how our Lab methodology can unveil deeper layers of emotional expression.


Participants may also partner together and prepare a scene, though any pair work should be arranged in advance. Please note that it is difficult to work with a script that has not been committed to memory, and so we strongly encourage taking the time to learn your selected text in advance.

We encourage our participants to work in whatever language is most comfortable for them. 


We recommend preparing a maximum of one page of text though 10-20 lines is enough to work from. We always say it's better to feel secure with a shorter script than spend three days distracted and worrying about your lines. 

You are welcome to choose your own text, but the downloads below offer a selection of suggested scenes used in previous productions and residencies.

Although Physical Lab is primarily dedicated to actor training, please bear in mind that we work from the body and our classes include a fair amount of movement. Therefore it is encouraged participants wear suitable clothing for exercise.


It's also helpful to come prepared with a notebook and water

But most importantly, we ask you to arrive with willing, open minds and bodies.

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