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My dear Labbers,

Ever found yourself effortlessly immersed in a task, time slipping away as you reach new heights of productivity and joy? Well, you’ve experienced Flow.

So, what is Flow?

Scientifically speaking, Flow is the sweet spot where:

  • Immense presence and attention merge,

  • Flexibility and adaptability reign supreme,

  • Skills are challenged to unprecedented levels, and

  • A profound sense of fulfilment and bliss emerges.

Undoubtedly, each of us has tasted moments of pure, blissful focus—where ideas flow effortlessly, performances soar, or discussions sparkle with wit.

But how do we seek Flow unconsciously?

Think about those moments:

  • When you call a friend to share your thoughts,

  • When a run or workout leaves you refreshed,

  • The nap that recharges your system,

  • Moments of meditation or yoga for inner peace,

  • Planning a holiday for rejuvenation,

  • Taking a sabbatical for fresh perspectives,

  • Embracing therapy for personal growth, or

  • Dancing the night away, letting loose, and recharging.

These actions unknowingly lead us to Flow.

Now, how do we consciously bring this state into our daily lives?

At the Lab, our ethos revolves around guiding you to explore your essence through Flow. Our exercises aim to align your body, emotions, and intellect, creating the perfect environment for Flow to flourish.

Here are some ways to Flow!

  • Morning Ritual: Start your day by taking a moment to breathe deeply and gently move your body, focusing on finding your flow. It's a delightful way to awaken and set a positive tone for the day.

  • Midday Check-In: If you notice tension or excess energy in a particular body part during the day, take a moment for gentle physical movement, conscious breathing, or relaxing stretches. Continue until you feel a sense of relaxation spreading throughout your body. Remember, productivity thrives when we're relaxed!

Embodiment Techniques: Try these straightforward exercises:

  • Head Massage: Relieve tension in the head by gently massaging it.

  • Shoulder and Spine Shaking: Shake your shoulders and spine gently to channel energy down into your legs and pelvis.

  • Leg Shaking or Stretching: Release tension by shaking your legs or doing quick stretches, similar to a leisurely Sunday morning routine.

  • Running training: While running, maintain awareness of your body, releasing unnecessary tension and engaging your core to let your body flow smoothly.

  • Fitness Training: Between sets, take brief moments to walk, shake out your muscles, stretch, or do spot jogging to restore energetic balance. This will leave you feeling refreshed rather than exhausted during and after your workout.

  • Performance: Our mission at the Lab is to cultivate full physical presence, encompassing conscious and subconscious activity, emotions, and the body. A state where you can be in sync with your essence and the present moment.

Desk Breaks: Combat screen fatigue by taking short breaks:

  • Step away from your desk for a brief walk, or if that's not possible, find a private space to move your body, massage your head, stretch, and reestablish energetic balance.

  • If you can't leave your desk, focus on conscious breathing, allowing your body to relax. Pay attention to relaxing your jaw and eyes, and consider shifting your pelvis to find comfort in your chair.

  • Alternatively, take a few minutes to express your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper or a page on your laptop/tablet/phone. This simple act can help release mental tension and promote further personal growth.

Incorporating these practices into your daily routine can help you maintain physical and emotional balance, leading to increased productivity and overall well-being.


To delve deeper into the science behind Flow, check out this enlightening video

by Daniel Goleman.


We will elaborate on flow further on our enriching complimentary webinar

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Save the date: Monday, February 26th, 18:00 UK time.

Zoom in from across the globe:

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Stay in presence, Stay in the body, Stay in flow.

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