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The Revolution Within: A Personal Call to Action!

Image by: Geoffrey Posada Serguier

My dear Labbers all around our planet,

As I sit down to write, I find myself wrestling with questions that echo the collective struggles of our time.

The challenge intensifies when confronted with the stark realities of war, corruption, and the impending climate crisis. How can we move forward with our daily lives when politicians aren't doing their jobs right?

These questions echo the cries for revolution, reminiscent of the poignant words in Edouard Louis's "Who Killed My Father."

But what is the revolution under the current climate? What truly matters, and what can bring about genuine change?

Could an effective revolution begin with each of us excelling in our responsibilities?

If politicians did their jobs right, our world could be an entirely different place. Yet, here I am, connecting with the political realm, society, and the planet through my own work. It's a daunting task, and the enormity of it all can be overwhelming.

The crux of my journey lies in the belief that by doing my job right, by staying connected to the existential questions and being aware of the world around me, I can inspire others to do the same. But, is this clarity, or am I navigating uncharted waters?

The crux of my journey lies in renouncing the restricting and toxic conditioning of the past. Akin to Erik Erikson becoming his own family and even symbolically changing his last name to Erickson (The Erik of Erik), it became a symbolic step toward my calling to personal freedom. A journey that requires us to be the parents of our own selves and, from that place of responsibility and consciousness, impact the world.

As I reflect on my experiences, I recall writing, "Before becoming a parent, make sure you are a parent of your own self." The journey involves freeing oneself from the identifications with the past, a lesson echoed by my psychiatrist and friends.

Is writing this, and hopefully inspiring personal freedom, a form of revolution? It also depends on the level of democracy, financial status, and health status in your country and your community. Yet, the need to affect change at all levels remains.

In my two-decade exploration of the human psyche, I'm only just beginning to grasp my free self at 47. The persistent question remains: What more can I do? How can we inspire our species to cease the violence and promote unity, peace, acceptance, and love?

The journey is continuous, and my invitation is to initiate a revolution by excelling in our responsibilities. By 'responsibilities,' I mean liberating ourselves and becoming our own free guides, as well as executing our professional duties to the fullest. Let’s remain receptive to other possibilities and be ready to contribute in any way we can.

What are your thoughts on this perspective?

More than ever, I am inviting you to Stay Present and Grounded. 💝

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