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On Listening...

Yorgos Karamalegos coaching an actor with eyes closed and one hand in the air.

I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts on the importance of truly listening to others.

As I often say in the studio, "When I am listening to you, it is more important to listen to myself listening to you, instead of only listening to you." In other words, it's not just about hearing the words being spoken, but also about listening to ourselves as we listen to others.

When we take the time to be fully present and engaged in communication, we gain a deeper understanding of the speaker's perspective and the emotions underlying their message. By being aware of our own internal reactions and responses, we become more empathetic and responsive in our communication.

This approach is not just valuable in everyday life, but also in acting.

As actors, we can fully inhabit our characters and respond authentically to our scene partner by listening to both the words being spoken and our own internal reactions and emotions. By being present in the moment and allowing ourselves to be affected, we can create a nuanced and believable performance.

Remember, the key to success in both life and acting is a moment-to-moment physical presence. Stay grounded, stay centered, and consciously be in the body.

I hope this message inspires you to approach your communication and acting with a new level of presence and engagement. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts.

All my love,

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