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ETHOS | Identity and Purpose

Who am I?

What do I want?


Dear Labbers,

These questions might sound familiar to the actors here who have been working with me in preparation for their roles. They represent some of the core questions that we raise when seeking clarity in character creation.

Delving into Clarity

We often think that we know what we want and who we truly are. And not surprisingly, most times through this deep inquiry, we come to understand that our choices lie mainly within the context of our societal, political, financial, educational, and personal backgrounds. When one human is way beyond any of that. Our education is structured in a way that supports a process of forgetting who we are. And although human beings are so similar, we are yet so different. The beauty of diversity. The diversity that, if acknowledged, would make our lives, our world, and our planet healthier.

Distorted Notions of Love

Love is doing what I say and agreeing with and believing in what I believe. And the result of this is world wars and a very organised chaos that we call our system, which is based on financial interests. Unfortunately, a big part of the planet vibrates on this distorted understanding of what love is.

Actor’s Heartfelt Journeys

It is not surprising, then, that when I am working with my actors, they spend the first few rounds of my questions on goals that are not their own. Instead, they share images that they think their family, friends, partners, and the world expect to see from them. And trust me, it is such a heartfelt and beautiful experience when they get to share what their heart is really pumping for!

My Personal Journey

I have gone through this process myself. And I took the long way. I have been inquiring in this direction for seven years. I was determined to find my calling. This is not to say that my life as an actor, performer, theatre director, and festival founder was a waste. It was all a meaningful journey, and without it, I wouldn't be here right now. However, you know when you are in your core element, and it is worth the world. Since I gained clarity and the courage to face my truth and my deep longing for inquiring together with others about life, evolution, acting, embodiment, and presence, my life truly changed. It felt like the puzzle had finally been put together. My personal and professional evolution sped up in new and quirky ways. I must admit, I encouraged myself to explore thoughts and aspirations beyond my ego. If my true calling were to embark on a completely different professional path, I would eagerly embrace the opportunity, immerse myself in it, and pursue studies under the guidance of the finest mentors. Thankfully, I didn't have to pursue a new course of study; instead, I delved deeper into something I already practiced and loved.

My invitation

Is to make your life truly your own. It is only then that we can create something that can make a difference. Something of immense importance ourselves and since we will be in essence, presence, and enthusiasm, then it is highly likely that it will be of great importance to others. And our world, our communities, and our planet need your input, originality, and diversity more than ever…

Step-by-Step Guide: Navigating Your Career

Here is the foundational process that I go through with my actors as part of my mentoring program. Please read below and let's meditate and journey together:

  1. Contemplate with yourself with an open mind.

  2. Ask yourself: "What do I wish to achieve in my career?"

  3. Speak out your wildest dream. Go all the way!

  4. Once this is out, then ask yourself: "What will I experience once I have achieved what I want in full?" Allow yourself to feel that core feeling that you are longing to experience upon the completion of your goal. This is key! Please sit with this.

  5. And when you own the sensation of the goal’s completion, from this meditative state, ask yourself again: "What do I now wish to create? Notice what is coming up this time. Sit with it. Give it time and space. What are the feelings that I will experience upon completion of this goal? Notice...

  6. And then again: "If I were to meditate on having this experience in full, what would I wish to create then...? And why?

You will reach a point where you will know that you are in direct contact with your true aspirations, with your unique essence and talents. And then you will get some wonderful insights, directions, images, and questions.

Moving Forward

Let me know if you wish for me to run an online seminar on this subject. Until then, contemplate letting your conscious self be.

All my love

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