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Life is Long - Part 2

Yoshi Oida standing with arms outstretched and hands in the shape of a triangle.

Last week, I wrote an article about my mentor, Yoshi Oida, and his inspiring words about how "Life is long." The post sparked numerous responses and ignited conversations about the importance of slowing down and listening to our instincts.

Receiving your beautiful responses and insights, I am inspired to share a bit more on this topic, as slowing down and listening to our instincts is not an easy task.

Sometimes, we may find ourselves in sync with our natural rhythm, feeling more attuned to our needs and moving at an organic tempo. These are moments of bliss and at times we might feel that we have it all worked out. However, there will be moments when we stumble, encounter unexpected challenges, and feel as if everything has gone astray. In such times, it's crucial to remember that life's journey is filled with unexpected turns, and it is our consciousness and resilience that will keep us on the right path. In these moments please remember that nothing is lost. You are just experience the unpredictable flow of life. And this unpredictability is the natural tempo of life. And as Byron Katie says: every time I argue with life, I always lose!

Navigating the Unpredictable

Staying on the path of consciousness implies embracing a higher structure of life.

Life unfolds with different tempos, presenting us with both difficulties and joys. By cultivating awareness and asking ourselves the right questions, we can navigate these moments with grace. Even when we falter, unable to complete our morning walk or provide an optimal response in a conversation, we must embrace, evaluate, understand, but also to accept the task that needs to be pursued at the time. It is all part of the life structure.

Embracing Diversity

To succeed in this endeavor, it is crucial to foster understanding and acceptance of the unique perspectives and experiences of ourselves, but also of the others. Take the leap to understand your essence, and to also dive right into it. Understand your uniquenesses, and allow this practice to be applied towards all our fellow cohabitants of our planet. Not everyone shares our opinions or choices, but rather than retreating or attacking, we must listen and try to comprehend the conditioning behind the words. With an open mind, we can forge connections, bridging gaps and finding common ground. While it is natural to spend more time with like-minded individuals, we should also create space for those who differ from us. This inclusiveness enriches our lives and enables us to grow as individuals and as a society.

My Invitation

My invitation, from the sunset spot that you can see at the photo below here in Crete, is to trust your own pace and embrace the journey that lies ahead. Remember that it won't always be smooth sailing, but by staying conscious, resilient, kind to yourself and the others, and wide open to life, you can overcome constructively any challenge that comes your way.

Together, we can build a more compassionate and inclusive world where we all thrive.

Let's go!

My warmest and most grounded wishes to you all,

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