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The October Mentorship Unveiled!

Dear Labbers, This summer marked a significant milestone for us at the Lab. As you're well aware, our work is in a constant state of evolution, and this summer was no exception.

Come along with me as I guide you through the various facets we delved into, both in writing and through video.

Mastery In Embodied Acting Requires Consistent Repetition

In Yoshi's perspective, "The body requires time and practice to internalise the insights of the mind." Consequently, I consistently strive to incorporate opportunities within our workshops for actors to 'try again' and immerse themselves practically in a space of exploration with the elements and ongoing discoveries. I'm thrilled to unveil an enhanced approach to one-on-one sessions within the group dynamic of our workshops. This structure allows each actor to engage in multiple one-on-one sessions during our Masterclasses, marking the fruition of years of personal research. For a detailed overview of our fresh structure, please visit the following link: This comprehensive plan forms the foundational framework for our 5-day Masterclass in London, slated for May 2024. Delving Into The Core

Our mentorship journey provided a detailed theoretical exploration of the core elements and the fundamental ethos of Physical Lab. This comprehensive analysis allowed us to gain clarity and focus on the essential tools of our craft, setting the stage for the practical work that followed. Career Coaching and Soul-Searching

Our discussions on career coaching sparked profound introspection, prompting us to ponder the true aspirations of the actors. It is always intriguing to realise the gap between our authentic desires, and the conditioned ideals we feel pressured to chase. An in-depth article is in the works to delve further into this eye-opening realisation. Therapeutic Embodiment Masterclass

A highlight of our journey was the Therapeutic Embodiment Masterclass, led by my dearest friend and collaborator, Natalia Partheniou. Over a captivating four-hour session, Natalia guided us through an improvisational exploration based on the core intentions/objectives of the scenes and characters. This experience not only deepened our understanding and the embodiment of the character’s core wants and needs, but also unveiled profound personal revelations, enriching our personal and creative process. We were all grateful and inspired in multiple levels for this experience.

Progress Report and Filmed Q&A

On the fifth day of our mentorship, we conducted a Q&A session to assess everyone's progress. We captured this discussion on film. Below is a video sneak peek! A heartfelt thank you to all the actors who participated in our October Residency Mentorship. Your dedication and passion for artistic expression, personal freedom, and evolution is inspiring.


Mark Your Calendars for 2024!

  • London, 3rd-7th May 2024: 5-day Masterclass for 10 Professional Actors! APPLY NOW:

  • Crete, 28th July - 11th August 2024 - 2-week Mentorship Masterclass Information coming soon. Email me to reserve a slot!

  • Crete: 16-23 September 2024 - Fitness & Embodiment Retreat! Information coming soon. Email me to reserve a slot!

  • Crete: 13-20 October 2024 - A 6-day Mentorship for 8 Professional Actors! Information coming soon. Email me to reserve a slot!


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