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photo by: Geoffrey Posada Serguier

28 JULY - 11 AUGUST 2024 | CRETE


Facilitated by
Yorgos Karamalegos & Tatiana Spivakova

We are delighted to bring together Yorgos and Tatiana for this large residency, both of whom have been cultivating and sharing the Lab methodology internationally over the last several years. This will be a wonderful, opportunity for the ones who are seeking to experience their unique approach to the work and further grow your skill as a performer.

During this residency, Yorgos will guide you through the first week, honing in on acting coaching, deconditioning, and embodiment.

In the subsequent week with
Tatiana, participants will delve into a rehearsal process where they are encouraged to integrate the techniques developed during the first week into a collaborative ensemble piece for the creative rehearsal sessions.


Utilizing the body as the point of entry, our goal is to search for authenticity and presence in acting. This residency will focus on stripping down acting habits, rooted in social and cultural conditioning. 


We will share grounding techniques as tools for presence and de-conditioning. The aim is to explore a performing state where the body, mind (conscious and subconscious), emotion and instinct, work together moment to moment.

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Photo: Geoffrey Posada Serguier

photo by: Geoffrey Posada Serguier


Tatiana, an international artist, actress, director, and writer, holds degrees from the National Superior Conservatoire of Dramatic Arts in Paris and the Musical Regional Conservatoire in Aubervilliers.

As an associate artist of Physical Lab, she has collaborated with Yorgos for a decade, conducting Labs together or independently. In France, Tatiana directed plays by Gogol, Melquiot, Gorky, Camus, Besnehard, and authored "Ton Corps - Ma Terre," premiering in Montreuil's National Dramatic Center in 2023.


Her international performances span stages in France, Spain, Switzerland, and various global festivals. Onscreen, she appeared in films like "Même Pas Mal," "SNO," and "Gate To Heaven" by Jivan Avetisyan, currently touring the US festival circuit.


The residency will take place over a two-week period. The first week will focus primarily on looking at personal acting habits and deconditioning whle the second will be dedicated to script work and performance rehearsals.


Armonia Retreat Centre

Crete, Greece

Workshop Dates

29 July - 10 August 2024

10am - 4pm

(some days may extend until 5pm)

Travel Dates

28 July (arrival) | 11 August (departure)


£1320 Standard price

£1290 Labber price*

Instalment plans with two or three parts

are available upon request.


The price includes: space and accommodation, workshop fee, and a welcome basket of Cretan food to get you through the first day. For those who wish to find alternative accommodation, as the cost of accommodation is included with the rental fee for the performance space, it cannot be subtracted from the total cost. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.


We have a cancellation policy of three weeks prior to the start of the Lab for short workshops and one calendar month for residencies. After this, we cannot offer refunds unless another participant can be found to take the place.

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photo by: Geoffrey Posada Serguier


Lead by Yorgos Karamalegos

DAY 1- Foundations & Intentions

  • Morning

    • Lecture on Presence, Embodiment & Deconditioning in nature

    • Goal & intention setting for the intensive

  • Afternoon

    • ​Embodiment training with ensemble work

    • Reading the script

DAY 2 - Voice, Ownership & Deconditioning

  • Morning

    • Voice & Embodiment training

    • Text embodiment (Ownership exercise)

  • Afternoon

    • Deconditioning Sessions

DAY 3 - Embodied Acting 

  • Morning

    • Utilising Presence as an acting tool

  • Afternoon

    • Embodied Acting Part 1: Half of the group in personalised, one-on-one sessions

  • Evening

    • Yoga session with Stella Kremmyda

DAY 4 - Embodied Acting

  • Morning

    • Q&A Session - progress evaluation in nature

    • Embodiment training

  • Afternoon

    • Embodied Acting Part 2: Half of the group in personalised, one-on-one sessions

DAY 5 - Therapeutic Embodiment

  • Full Day

    • Therapeutic Embodiment masterclass with Natalia Partheniou

  • Evening

    • Integration Time/Sauna/Beach

DAY 6 - Integration Day

  • Integration Time/Sauna/Beach/Nature 


DAY 7 - Integration Day

  • Integration Time/Sauna/Beach/Nature


Lead by Tatiana Spivakova

Penthesilea, the Queen of the Amazons

by Heinrich von Kleist


As war rages outside the walls of Troy, Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons, and her tribe of fierce female warriors assail the fabled demigod, Achilles, where he and his army of Greek soldiers are locked in battle. Penthesilea and her retinue have come to defeat the Greeks and take them captive, honoring a sacred tradition of subduing the bravest of men to take as their partners. But love can only be won through defeat, a quest that sets Penthesilea on an impossible path to win Achilles as her lover.

Inspired by Greek mythology, Kleist's play revisits these legendary characters and tells a story of impossible love and insurmountable hubris.

Themes and questions we will explore:


To what extent does our ego transform our being when it comes to love?

When love and war mirror each other, is there a way out?

Beyond the archaic questions opposing men to women: why don’t we create an army of the heart this summer? 

We will work on selected scenes, and we will explore the play in different languages:

  • The original text in German

  • The English translation by Joel Agee

  • The French translation by Julien Gracq

This Residency demands your wholehearted commitment.

Make the most out of this experience by arriving well-rested and allowing time for integration post-retreat.


  • Ease into the experience with a few restful days before and after your arrival

  • Consider an early arrival in Crete for a smoother transition

  • Opt for a private session, online or in person, before the retreat to tailor your experience

  • We will collectively explore a script and scenes chosen by the lab practitioners

  • The primary goal is to collaboratively create a shared world as an ensemble

  • The scenes will be assigned to you ahead of your arrival, and there wil be an initial meeting that will take place through Zoom


  • As the program concludes, we recommend easing back into your routine with some integration time

  • Consider staying in Crete for a bit longer to fully absorb and apply the transformative tools and experiences gained during the intensive program

  • Allow yourself the space to reflect on the journey and ensure a smooth transition back into your daily life



Natalia Partheniou

Natalia Partheniou is a multifaceted individual with a background in Contemporary Dance and English Literature from De Montfort University and training in New Dance, Choreography, and Improvisation at the Amsterdam Academy of the Arts. She is a certified Yoga teacher, skilled in Ayurvedic, Thai Massage, and Reiki. Over the past two decades, she immersed herself in Holistic Psychotherapy at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Austria, followed by a two-year Advanced Studies in Facilitation. Throughout her 20-year journey, Natalia has been dedicated to personal growth and has actively contributed to the fields of Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Dance, and Embodiment. Her diverse expertise includes dance, choreography, teaching, individual and couple sessions, and group workshops across Greece and Europe.


Dimos Pavlikakis

Dimos embarked on his Yoga journey in 2017 to address persistent pain and injuries, turning it into a transformative lifestyle. A Yoga Alliance UK member, he completed the 200h TTC of Heliodorus Yoga, a Mindfulness Meditation program, and studied Ayurveda in India. Delving into human anatomy, he finished a 60h Authentic Traditional Yoga Massage course and a 2-year Physiotherapy program. His practice extends to Energy Healing through Tibetan Pulsing Healing and Falun Dafa. With a personalized approach rooted in Eastern Healing Philosophy, he teaches and practices in Chania's Stavros beach, and explores the Himalayan mountains, constantly seeking ancient teachings to deepen his understanding of the body's healing potential.

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Stella Kremmyda

Stella is a yoga teacher and qualified dietitian-nutritionist who has developed an intuitive approach to open the body and explore deeper levels of existence. Starting her Yoga journey in 2007 at the Yoga Sanctuary in the UK, she was inspired by her teacher Steve Harrison. Stella, with a doctorate in nutritional immunology and fetal development, returned to Crete in 2013, founding ZenZem yoga center in Aptera. She shares 'Living Yoga method' inspired practices, blending influences from her travels in India, Nepal, and Europe. Stella's interests include nature connection, mantra chanting, kirtan singing, women's circles, and spending time with her daughter.


Accommodation is included in the price of the residency, and rooms are located on-site at the Armonia Retreat Centre in Douliana, Crete. Rooms are offered as a double, triple, or for four people, so you will be sharing a room with other actors, which we can help organise.


  • 65 square metre studio with wooden floor

  • Exterior wooden deck in the middle of an ancient olive grove

  • Outdoor pool

  • Gym

  • Well-equipped, brand new kitchen

  • Four acres of enchanting outdoor space that has: lawn, a vineyard that you can simply pick and eat grapes in the summer, a large spice garden for guest use, an outside pizza oven, a huge dining table, and seating areas


Armonia offers 5 spacious rooms that can host between 2-4 people. The outline for each room is as follows:

  • Room 1 – Private bedroom w/ private bathroom (non-ensuite)

  • Room 2 – 2 bed with bathroom

  • Room 3 – 3 bed with bathroom

  • Room 4 – 4 beds with bathroom

  • Room 5 – 4 beds with bathroom







(not included in cost & must be booked separately)

Around the center, there are villas where you can sleep in double or private rooms.The price is approximately 100-200€ per night for a three-room villa. Pricing varies depending on the season and availability. All villas have pools.


Another accommodation complex is a 3-minute walk from the centre, and has rooms for 40€ a night. For further details on alternative accommodation, please inquire with Stella, the residency manager.


(for Armonia Retreat Centre only)

Cleaning arrangements of the Armonia property are included in the cost of the residency. Details are as follows:

  • A cleaning person will be onsite every day for 2 hours

  • Bed sheets will be changed once a week

  • Rooms and bathrooms will be cleaned every 2 days


(booked separately; not included in residency pricing)

Crete has two airports: Chania (30 minutes by car) and Heraklion (2 hours by car), which is just over an hour's drive to Douliana and the Armonia Retreat Centre.


Crete Summer Residency 2024


There is no application deadline, but if your application is suitable, a place will be offered immediately. Please not that places for all Labs, especially our Summer Residency, are limited. Therefore, it is encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible.

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