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A search for presence and authenticity in acting with the body as the point of entry. 

The work is dedicated to exploring presence through embodiment practices, aiming to liberate actors from traditional acting habits. By utilizing grounding techniques, actors are guided to release societal and cultural conditioning, thereby unlocking a state of performance where the body, mind, emotion, and instinct harmoniously intertwine in each moment.

Through these deconditioning practices, actors acquire the ability to activate their senses and achieve a state of exhilarating presence. The ultimate objective is to establish a harmonious synergy among the body, mind, emotions, and instincts, enabling actors to deliver captivating and authentic performances that deeply resonate with the present moment.





Developed in 2011, Physical Lab was created by actor, director, producer and acting coach Yorgos Karamalegos. Since the Lab's inception, Yorgos has taught at LAMDA, RADA, the Drama Centre of Saint Martins, and Williams College in Williamstown, MA (USA).


Utilising his own performance-based methodology developed through the laboratory, Yorgos has coached acting and movement for numerous productions throughout Europe and the US.

Beyond facilitating in the classroom, Yorgos continues to offer weekend-long Labs across Europe & the US, as well as full-time residencies once a year. In addition, he also works with actors on a one-to-one basis.

There are many different Labs geared towards performance, but the most popular is our workshop format lead by Tatiana Spivakova.


Over the span of two-to-three days, actors will hone and develop their technique through the applied methodology. These workshops are a great way to be introduced to the work, and are a launching point to begin deconditioning unhelpful habits and diving deeper into the core of your work.

However, these short-term labs are not always for the beginner. More advanced technique is also offered in this format.

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Lead by founder, Yorgos Karamalegos, the Physical Lab Masterclass is an elevated approach to the Lab methodology and is the ideal format for professional actors looking to reach new depths in their artistry and career.

Actors may also have the chance to work with special guest instructors whose expertise often strongly compliments the Lab methodology. 

Masterclasses are offered over several days and in several cities, but do to the advanced and intimate level of the work, places are usually limited.

Each year, our annual Residencies bring together ensembles of international performing artists to train and perform on the island of Crete.

Our aim is that our actors gain new tools for their craft, a deeper understanding of their own technique, and also leave the residency with the experience of how that applies immediately to performance. 


The residency in Crete is the biggest event of our laboratory, and it offers the opportunity for actors and performers to experience the whole range of our methodology.




Have questions about the Lab that you don't see answered on the website? Want to bring the Lab to your city? Feel free to drop us a line using the contact form, or emailing directly to the address below:


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