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photo by: Geoffrey Posada Serguier


Yorgos' classes are among the most challenging, transformational, useful and inspiring I've ever done. He is an incredible teacher, mentor and collaborator, and any creator can benefit from his physical, pleasure-based approach, because he has an uncanny ability to figure out what will help you. I also appreciate the collaborative community of creative people from all over Europe and beyond that Yorgos has cultivated, and how much we learn from each other as well.

Working with Yorgos on my latest TV role was short, but nevertheless one of the most profound and interesting processes I've ever had. He really 'opens you up'.

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Roda Fawaz by Arié Elmaleh.jpg

Working with Yorgos always helps me to build

the bridge between the words and my body.

Working with Yorgos for 10 days in Crete, preparing for a TV part was an amazing experience! Even in moments of self-doubt and fatigue, when you face your own wall, he was always there fully present with me, both with great care and rigour! I have been working with Yorgos for about 8 years, and he always gives me strength and tools to keep going forward.

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I'm a good actor...

but Yorgos has made me a better one!

Yorgos's method helps me to put into practice the famous saying, 'less is more'. His work allowed me to refine my acting, and to discover a deeper truth made of an infinity of nuances.

Pietro Pizzuti_edited.jpg

Working with Yorgos will guarantee you elevating to another level, not only with your acting ability, but in being more in tune with yourself. A highly therapeutic and satisfying process!

As a result of ongoing work with Yorgos, I feel I've become much more grounded and physically confident as an actress. He is a valuable and inventive teacher.

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I was able to discover my own technique through attending [Yorgos's] actor training workshops in Paris, and it paid off immediately. I booked the main role in a German movie in the following weeks.

Over the last 5 years, Yorgos has helped me grow not only as an actress, but also as an individual. Thanks to his extraordinary technique, I have become much more grounded, open and free in my acting.


I consider myself to be more of a 'rational' actor. The one who thinks before he acts. Yorgos introduced me to some very effective tools, which help me to get grounded, and to activate my body in a way that gives power to emotion, without losing control.

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