A series of immersive, site responsive performances created in residence at the Carob Mill arts centre, Crete.


Physical Lab is an international laboratory offering professional development opportunities for actors and performers.


In April 2017, the lab brought together an ensemble of international performers from across Europe/the US to train and devise work derived from William Shakespeare's Macbeth.


Three unique performances were developed over a period of two weeks, including a full length multilingual production. 

These were documented on film and edited by our colleagues Dougal Wallace & Padelis Frantzis. 

The featurettes below are the results of this work.

"Hail Macbeth, hail Macbeth... hail the King"


Actors: Angeliki Spiliopoulou, Katie Stephen, Jason Wagner, Katariina Tamm, Jo Moss, Stefanie Bruckner, Tom Kelsey,

Nick Pollifrone, Alistair Wilkinson, Sadie Isseks, Charly Flyte, Blanche Cluzet

Direction: Yorgos Karamalegos, assisted by Anna Papadaki 

Camera: Dougal Wallace, Editing: Padelis Frantzis (Featurette) Dougal Wallace (Male/Female Performances)