Physical Lab is an international laboratory for acting and performance.

The aim of the training is presence and authenticity in performance. 

The methodology consists of: physical acting and voice training, grounding techniques, exploration of impulses (physical and text), improvisation, body and sense memory, ownership of text, building a character, scene study and releasing individual acting habits. 

The methodology offers tools and exercises that activate all the senses and puts actors in

a state of exhilarating presence. 




Developed in 2011, Physical Lab was created by actor, director, producer and acting coach Yorgos Karamalegos. Since the Lab's inception, Yorgos has taught at LAMDA, RADA, the Drama Centre of Saint Martins, and Williams College in Williamstown, MA (USA).


Utilising his own performance-based methodology developed through the laboratory, Yorgos has coached acting and movement for numerous productions throughout Europe and the US.

Beyond facilitating in the classroom, Yorgos continues to offer weekend-long Labs across Europe & the US, as well as full-time residencies once a year. In addition, he also works with actors on a one-to-one basis.

There are various formats available through Physical Lab, but the most popular is the two- to three-day long Lab workshop.


Over the span of two-to-three days, actors will hone and develop their technique through the applied methodology. Lab intensives are a great way to be introduced to the work, and are a launching point to dive deeper.

However, these short-term labs are not always for the beginner. More advanced technique is also offered in this format.




Each year, our annual Spring residency brings together ensembles of international performing artists to train and perform on the island of Crete.

Our aim is that our actors gain new tools for their craft, a deeper understanding of their own technique, and also leave the residency with the experience of how that applies immediately to performance. 


The residency in Crete is the biggest event of our laboratory, and it offers the opportunity for actors and performers to experience the whole range of our methodology.


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