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ETHOS | A Quotation for Resilience in Performance & Personal Management.

(Photo by Geoffrey Posada Serguier)

Dear Labbers,

Being present, at the deep level that we engage with at the Lab, is challenging.

It requires a strong bond with oneself, educating ourselves to hold our own hand and consciously choosing to move towards genuine expression and delivery.


Creative and honest communication with oneself (understanding your psychology and your acting journey)


Tools for Presence, Pleasure, & Embodiment


Resilience in performance and personal management.


Diving into the unknown as a pathway for presence and essence requires clarity, meaning, and purpose.

For instance, while coaching, I've found that daring to embrace the unknown enhances my ability to support your journey and ask meaningful questions. Though sometimes daunting, these intense experiences have been the most meaningful for my actors and my coaching practice. However, the key here is that my willingness to explore the unknown is rooted in clarity: I know the specific purpose that I am serving as a coach, I know myself, and I own the ethos of the work of the Lab. Therefore, stepping into the unknown is purposeful, with clarity and meaning, channeling artistic freedom under specific conditions.

It's crucial for actors and artists to have Clarity, Meaning, & Purpose when stepping into the unknown for rehearsals or performances.

We don’t simply dive into uncertainty hoping for something to happen!

To achieve clarity, meaning, and purpose, kindly consider contemplating these questions before any role preparation, casting or performance:

1. What is the core element of this character? What is the core task of this scene?

2. Where am I on the map of my acting evolution? What are my acting strengths right now? What are my challenges in acting at this moment?

3. What is my goal here? (My artistic ethos and my overarching goal for my acting evolution.)

When grounded in ethos, embracing strengths and taking responsibility for weaknesses sets the stage for potential breakthroughs and transformative roles.

As David Bowie said, "When you're in your shoes and uncertain, you're about to create something groundbreaking”

This process also invites you to release projected images of yourself as an actor or the final product of a scene—mere projections of the mind based on past experiences. Acting outside of authenticity leads to tension and missed opportunities for genuine delivery and presence. The most significant loss is the chance to surprise yourself with unexplored potential.

My invitation is for you to focus on embodying your inquiry.

Through this approach, I've witnessed exhilarating performances rooted in presence and essence, recognised with world-class awards and red carpet appearances.  

Emphasising continuity in this process is essential to fully understand your power and talent. Be kind to yourself as we journey together, one step at a time.

I hope this provides clarity, and I'm here for any questions or thoughts you may have.

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