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MARCH 2023

18 & 19 MARCH 2023 | VIENNA


A search for authenticity and presence in acting.

The point of entry is the body. 

This Lab will focus on stripping down acting habits, rooted in social and cultural conditioning.

We will share grounding techniques as tools for presence and deconditioning. The aim is to explore a state of performance where the body, mind (conscious and subconscious), emotion and instinct work together moment to moment.




Born in Athens, Yorgos is an acting, public speaking & leadership coach whose methods focus primarily on embodiment. He is also an international workshop leader, actor, and theatre director.

As the founder of Physical Lab, an international laboratory for performance, Yorgos utilizes his own embodiment-based methodology to lead individuals through an exploration of self-discovery where old habits are examined and new pathways are explored. Yorgos has coached numerous actors, business individuals, and politicians throughout Europe and the US.

His work is a search for presence and authenticity, with the point of entry being the body.

He previously co-founded Tmesis Theatre Company and Physical Fest, an international festival of physical theatre. He was a co-artistic director of both organisations until 2010. Since the creation of Physical Lab in 2011, Yorgos has taught and directed at LAMDA, RADA, Drama Centre of Saint Martins, Williams College, Pace University, and more.

Among his most favourite artistic projects are Home, a multidisciplinary experimental theatre piece based on Euripides’ Medea, and The Last Note, Padelis Voulgaris's feature film which has won several awards throughout Greece and the US.


Join Yorgos in Vienna for an exploratory journey through character and text, utilizing the body as the point of entry. This workshop will be about finding presence, grounding, and de-conditioning old habits in order to build new connections to your work as a performer.


Tanzstudio Margit Manhardt
Manhardt & Manhardt OG

1070 Wien - Neubaugasse38

18 & 19 March 2023 
10:30 - 18:00

€350/£300 Full price 
€330/£280 Labbers


We have a cancellation policy of three weeks prior to the start of the Lab for short workshops and one calendar month for residencies. After this, we cannot offer refunds unless another participant can be found to take the place.


Photo: Kate Stephen


For the workshop with Yorgos, we ask everyone to prepare and learn a piece of text. This can be a monologue, or if you know some of your fellow participants, you are welcome to pair up and work on a scene (though this has to be arranged in advance). We encourage our participants to work in whatever language is most comfortable to them. 


We recommend preparing a maximum of one page of script though as little as 10-20 lines is enough to work from.

We always say it's better to feel secure with a short text than spend three days distracted and worrying about your lines. 

You are welcome to choose your own text, but the downloads below offer a selection of suggested scenes that we feel are well suited to our work, taken from previous lab productions and residencies.

Please bear in mind that we work from the body and our classes include movement exercises so wear suitable clothing.


It's also helpful to come prepared with a notebook and water. 

Other than that, all we ask is that our participants arrive with willing, open minds and bodies.

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