Photo: Beatrix Mexi Molnar

6 - 9 FEBRUARY 2020 | LONDON, UK



A search for authenticity and presence in acting.

The point of entry is the body. 

This Lab will focus on stripping down acting habits,

 rooted in social and cultural conditioning. 


We will share grounding techniques as tools for presence and deconditioning. The aim is to explore a performing state where the body, mind (conscious and subconscious), emotion and instinct, work together moment to moment.


Photo: Kate Stephen


Born in Athens, Yorgos is an actor, director, producer and acting coach. He previously co-founded Tmesis Theatre Company and the international festival of physical theatre Physical Fest. He was a co-artistic director of both organisations until 2010.


In 2011, Yorgos created Physical Lab, and since then he has taught at LAMDA, RADA, Drama Centre of Saint Martins, & Williams College (USA).


Utilising his own performance-based methodology developed through the laboratory, Yorgos has coached acting and movement for numerous productions throughout Europe and the US.


Some of his latest work includes the site specific theatre productions West Walls and The Dream, and the multidisciplinary experimental theatre piece Home based on Euripides’ Medea, which opened in London. Yorgos played the role of the communist Nikos Mariakakis in Padelis Voulgaris's feature film The Last Note, which has won several awards in Greece and the US, and he appeared in a theatrical production of Lorca's 

Blood Weddingadapted and directed by George Richmond Scott, in London.


His resume includes collaborations with Yoshi Oida, Lorna Marshall, Fin Walker, Nigel Charnock (DV8), Malou Airaudo & Pau Aran Gimeno (Pina Bausch Tanztheater), Tanya Khabarova (Derevo), and Linda Kerr Scott (Complicite). 

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"I propose a space for a creative process to take place, to connect with oneself, explore sensitivity and expression, without pretension or judgment, and where everything is possible." — Pau Aran Gimeno

Each body has its own unique movement language. The body, our work tool, must be powerful and receptive at all times. With these premises, and through play, we will discover technique exercises, composition, improvisation, body narrative and authentic expression. Opening the space for dialogue with oneself and others. The process will build skills for autonomous thought, capable of adapting to a creative process and developing a greater awareness of our limits and how to overcome them whilst fine tuning the quality of movement.


Photo Sigo Sauerzapfe 


Photo: Beatrix Mexi Molnar.

Internationally acclaimed dancer Pau Aran Gimeno is creating, teaching and collaborating on post-national trans-disciplinary dance ventures as an independent choreographer, while also dancing with the Tanztheater Wuppertal - Pina Bausch ensemble since 2006.

Born on the Catalan mediterranean shores, Pau began his professional performance career with ballroom dancing and modern-jazz before his interest and experience expanded to include many other forms of expressive movement.

While his studies at the Conservatorio Profesional De Danza ‘Mariemma’, Madrid, Pau was notably invited to attend the Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen Germany, when in concomitance he commenced his most significant training to date, in Wuppertal - under the direction of Pina Bausch from 2005 until her untimely passing.

Aran Gimeno danced in more than 25 of Pina’s productions, and continues to dance with her illustrious idiosyncratic ensemble, Tanztheater Wuppertal - Pina Bausch ever since.

As an independent artist since 2013, Pau engages in developing his personal movement language through cross-disciplinary collective endeavors worldwide, and by conducting creative workshops among diverse artists and communities.


For more information, please visit: www.pauaran.com

6 & 7 February 2020 (Yorgos)


(Email info@physicallab.co.uk

to be dded on the waiting list)

Venue: Chisenhale Dance Space

64-84 Chisenhale Rd

London, E3 5QZ


8 & 9 February 2020 (Pau)


Venue: LAMDA

155 Talgarth Rd

London, W14 9DA


Price for Pau only:

£220 full price 

£190 Labbers/students


We have a cancellation policy of three weeks prior to the start of the Lab for short workshops and one calendar month for residencies. After this, we cannot offer refunds unless another participant can be found to take the place.

The Lab with Yorgos is now sold out as Yorgos works with smaller groups.


Please email info@physicallab.co.uk

to be added on the waiting list in case of any cancelations. 

Pau's Lab has three places available and can be booked individually at the link above. 

Photo: Kate Stephen


For the workshop with Yorgos, we ask everyone to prepare and learn a piece of text. This can be a monologue, or if you know some of your fellow participants, you are welcome to pair up and work on a scene (though this has to be arranged in advance). We encourage our participants to work in whatever language is most comfortable to them. 


We recommend preparing a maximum of one page of script though as little as 10-20 lines is enough to work from.

We always say it's better to feel secure with a short text than spend three days distracted and worrying about your lines. 

You are welcome to choose your own text, but the downloads below offer a selection of suggested scenes that we feel are well suited to our work, taken from previous lab productions and residencies.

Please bear in mind that we work from the body and our classes include movement exercises so wear suitable clothing.


It's also helpful to come prepared with a notebook and water. 

Other than that, all we ask is that our participants arrive with willing, open minds and bodies.