There are two international airports in Crete, one at Chania (where the residency is taking place), and one in Herakleion.

Should your plane land in Herakleion, there is a very reliable coach to Chania every hour which takes approximately 2 hours.


Chania is small enough to walk around, but there are several companies that rent out bicycles

or even cars, should your accommodation be a little further away from the rehearsal space.



Unfortunately, we cannot offer accommodation in Chania, but there are several options.


The whole city is on Airbnb though, and prices start from around 30€ per night. If you would share with someone else it could cost as little as 15€ per night per person.


There is also a number of hostels in the area. Cocoon City Hostel, for example, and a bed at a shared dorm costs 20€.

Chania Hostel, meanwhile, start from 16€ per night. It is worth checking out a new fabulous hipster hostel called Kumba Hostel.

Please have a look at www.hostelworld.com for more information and other choices.


If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, there is an organised camping site at Agioi Apostoloi, where

you can rent a tent for 10€ per night. That is about 4 km from Chania, but there are regular city

buses to and from the city. Find out more at www.camping-chania.gr .


We are happy to put you in contact with other labbers,

if you would like to share a flat or hostel dorm for the duration of the lab.


However, since May is technically in the summer tourist season, we advise

you to arrange your accommodation well ahead of time, to make sure you have enough

reasonable options.



The beautiful town of Chania has been populated for over 3000 years, and it still bears witness to

the many different cultures that have lived there.


It has a vibrant cultural life and a variety of places to go out to eat or drink after a hard day of training.

The weather should be summery, so you will have plenty of opportunities

to be outside and bask in the sunlight - and maybe even swim!



Crete, and particularly the region of Chania, is a beautiful, exotic and rather 'grounding' place. Arts, yoga, healing as well as intellectual retreats and activities takes place on this island, because of its grounding and peaceful energy.  

Therefore, we recommend that you arrive a couple of days before the residency starts, or extend your stay for an extra couple of days after we finish, or both. It helps to land and have some time to take in the vibe of this place, as well as to allow yourself integration time before you head back home. 



- If you cancel two months before the workshop starts, you will get a full refund. We shall only deduct a small administration fee.

- If you cancel up to one month before the the workshop starts, you will get a full a refund if we can replace you with someone from the waiting list, or if you are able to send someone to take your place. If we don’t manage to fill up your place, you will receive 50% of your payment, minus a small administration fee. 

- No refund is applicable for a cancellation that takes place less than 30 days before the workshops starts, unless of course we can replace you with someone from the waiting list, or if you are able to send someone to take your place. If you can be replaced you will receive a full refund, minus a small administration fee.


Please email info@physicallab.co.uk if you have any questions or to discuss applications