27 JUNE - 6 JULY 2022 | CRETE


Facilitated by
Yorgos Karamalegos & Tatiana Spivakova

Managed & Assisted by
Stella Karakatsani

After two years of quarantine life, this residency aims to get all its participants into the exhilarating wilderness of the body.

What to expect: practicing mindful presence, grounding and de-conditioning techniques, physical improvisation with live percussion, walks and training in nature, meditation, working outdoors, sun, sea, and, of course, delicious Cretan cuisine.

We are delighted to bring together Yorgos and Tatiana for this residency, both of whom have been cultivating and sharing the Lab methodology internationally over the last several years. This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience their unique approach to the work and further grow your skill as a performer.

Tatiana is a graduate of LAMDA where she studied under Yorgos, and since then, they have collaborated in numerous artistic and laboratory projects. Tatiana currently oversees the Physical Lab workshops in Paris, and we are thrilled for this chance to host her in Crete and to share the space alongside Yorgos.


Utilizing the body as the point of entry, our goal is to search for authenticity and presence in acting. This residency will focus on stripping down acting habits, rooted in social and cultural conditioning. 


We will share grounding techniques as tools for presence and de-conditioning. The aim is to explore a performing state where the body, mind (conscious and subconscious), emotion and instinct, work together moment to moment.


Photo: Kate Stephen


Born in Athens, Yorgos is an actor, director, producer and acting coach. He previously co-founded Tmesis Theatre Company and the international festival of physical theatre Physical Fest. He was a co-artistic director of both organisations until 2010.


In 2011, Yorgos created Physical Lab, and since then he has taught at LAMDA, RADA, Drama Centre of Saint Martins, & Williams College (USA).


Utilising his own performance-based methodology developed through the laboratory, Yorgos has coached acting and movement for numerous productions throughout Europe and the US.


Some of his latest work includes the site specific theatre productions West Walls and The Dream, and the multidisciplinary experimental theatre piece Home based on Euripides’ Medea, which opened in London. Yorgos played the role of the communist Nikos Mariakakis in Padelis Voulgaris's feature film The Last Note, which has won several awards in Greece and the US, and he appeared in a theatrical production of Lorca's 

Blood Weddingadapted and directed by George Richmond Scott, in London.


His resume includes collaborations with Yoshi Oida, Lorna Marshall, Fin Walker, Nigel Charnock (DV8), Malou Airaudo & Pau Aran Gimeno (Pina Bausch Tanztheater), Tanya Khabarova (Derevo), and Linda Kerr Scott (Complicite). 

For more information please visit: 


This methodology tends to favor access to presence and authenticity in play, using the body as a primary tool.

We will work as a group as well as individually, to explore our impulses and allow us to improvise (in our movements and with the text), to explore our body memory, to appropriate a text, a language, to unlock scenes... The challenge is also to target our small personal habits (physical tensions, etc...) and to get rid of them.

After working for years with Yorgos Karamalegos, I have adopted his Physical Lab technique, inspired by greats such as Lorna Marshall, Yoshi Oida or DV8, and I am happy to apply it today in my work, whether as an actor, director or teacher.

The Physical Lab method is rich in tools and research keys for an artist's journey. It has also allowed me to reconnect with my body, and to understand that it alone contains all the answers in the world.

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The residency will take place over a two-week period from Monday-Friday, barring any special rehearsals or circumstances.


Armonia Retreat Centre

Crete, Greece

Workshop Dates

27 June - 1 July | 4 - 6 July (8 days)

10am - 4pm

(some days may extend until 5pm)

Travel Dates

26 June (arrival) | 7 July (departure)


£800 / 960€  Standard price

£790 / 940€ Price for Labbers


The price includes: space and accommodation, workshop fee, and a welcome basket of Cretan food to get you through the first day. For those who wish to find alternative accommodation, as the cost of accommodation is included with the rental fee for the performance space, it cannot be subtracted from the total cost. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.


We have a cancellation policy of three weeks prior to the start of the Lab for short workshops and one calendar month for residencies. After this, we cannot offer refunds unless another participant can be found to take the place.


Accommodation is included in the price of the residency, and rooms are located on-site at the Armonia Retreat Centre in Douliana, Crete. Rooms are offered as a double, triple, or for four people, so you will be sharing a room with other actors, which we can help organise.


  • 65 square metre studio with wooden floor

  • Exterior wooden deck in the middle of an ancient olive grove

  • Gym

  • Well-equipped, brand new kitchen

  • Four acres of enchanting outdoor space that has: lawn, a vineyard that you can simply pick and eat grapes in the summer, a large spice garden for guest use, an outside pizza oven, a huge dining table, and seating areas


Armonia offers 5 spacious rooms that can host between 2-4 people. The outline for each room is as follows:

  • Room 1 – for 2 people, with private toilet and shower

  • Room 2 – for 2 people, toilet and shower not attached

  • Room 3 – for 3 people, with private toilet and shower

  • Room 4 – for 3 people, with private toilet and shower

  • Room 5 – for 4 people, with private toilet and shower







(not included in cost & must be booked separately)

Around the center, there are villas where you can sleep in double or private rooms.The price is approximately 100-200€ per night for a three-room villa. Pricing varies depending on the season and availability. All villas have pools.


Another accommodation complex is a 3-minute walk from the centre, and has rooms for 40€ a night. For further details on alternative accommodation, please inquire with Stella, the residency manager.


(for Armonia Retreat Centre only)

Cleaning arrangements of the Armonia property are included in the cost of the residency. Details are as follows:

  • A cleaning person will be onsite every day for 2 hours

  • Bed sheets will be changed once a week

  • Rooms and bathrooms will be cleaned every 2 days


(booked separately; not included in residency pricing)

Crete has two airports: Chania (30 minutes by car) and Heraklion, which is just over an hour's drive to Douliana and the Armonia Retreat Centre.


To apply, please email Stella at info@physicallab.co.uk and include a photo or reel, CV, and a couple of sentences on why you want to do this course.



There is no application deadline, but if your application is suitable, a place will be offered immediately. Please not that places for all Labs, especially our Summer Residency, are limited. Therefore, it is encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible.