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The Physical Lab Masterclass is an opportunity for professional-level actors to further improve their craft. These sessions use the foundation of the standard Lab format, but dive deeper into the ethos and allow each participant to uncover new tools and practices through voice, text, and embodiment.

Offering services as a dramaturg involves combining literary expertise, critical analysis, and collaborative skills to support the development and production of theatrical works. A dramaturg conducts thorough script analysis, identifying strengths and weaknesses in a play's structure, themes, characters, and dialogue. This process often includes historical and cultural research to ensure authenticity, especially for period pieces or plays set in specific cultural contexts.

During the rehearsal process, dramaturgs work closely with directors and actors to explore the text's nuances and ensure the performance aligns with the playwright's vision. They facilitate discussions on character motivations, thematic elements, and the play's broader implications, helping to create a richer, more informed performance. Additionally, dramaturgs prepare educational materials and program notes to provide context for the audience, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the production.

Dramaturgs also play a crucial role in new play development, collaborating with playwrights to refine drafts and shape the overall structure of the work. By offering constructive feedback and suggesting revisions, dramaturgs help nurture new voices and innovative ideas in theatre. Their services are integral to the success of a production, enhancing the creative process, supporting the artistic vision, and contributing to a more engaged and enlightened audience.

Physical Lab's Private Mentoring Program for Actors & Artists is your pathway to success. 


Overall, our program is designed to provide a holistic approach to mentoring, addressing all aspects of an actor or artist's development, from pure acting training to career planning and emotional well-being.

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